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I noticed that you can now blog to buses: MoMedia TV who provide the new tellies on buses (at least on the 159 and 59) allow you to text or email in a comment in 120 characters or less. It seemed like a moment for some citizen action so I said ‘I wish more people would use their vote’. If anyone sees it please let me know.

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  1. I haven’t seen your comment yet, but I know that you can send these messages here in Birmingham too.

    I’m not sure what they’re doing with these ‘buslogs’, other than merely publishing them on buses. Their website (www.momedia.tv) has details of how to send a message but no transcription of these and little detail of how they’re used. The most it says is ‘The best will be shown on the screens on the buses’.

    They seem completely ephemeral, and there’s apparently no attempt to encourage further debate or comment. And getting published is a lottery, which to me seems a disincentive.

  2. My blog will be shown on the buses on Mon May 28th. It won’t change the world of democratic participation but it was fun.

  3. Im about to do a blog on this whole buslog thing. Seems a bit strange. I havent seen your buslog about democratic participation during my short stay in Birmingham. The most I have seen are usually just the sort of thing that you would actually see on the back of a bus seat, i.e. “Lisa thinks John is hot”, “I was here 10/05/07”, that sort of thing…

    On your point of the ephemeral nature of the “buslog” it would seem that there could be no debate as buslogs appear randomly between advertising and other ads and content. To become a debate the text would have to be static at least for long enough for there to be debate across bus trips, otherwise you would just argue with the person that is sitting next to you texting the screen. So I think it really is just gimmickly and childish, “Hey Beavis, check it out, I just SMS’d boobs to the buslog, heh heh heh”, “It says boobs”.

    So from a entrepreneurial point of view, a good way to actually say make some money ouut of this idea of a blog on a screen would work better where there are a bunch of teenagers hanging out. In Birmingham that seems to be at the centre of the city where the church is, or up at Manchester where there are hundreds of teenagers hanging out in the city outside the URBIS centre. They could all text the screen with ephemeral messages…

  4. Hi all, not sure whether this is a dead thread – dates are from a couple of months ago – but as a member of the MoMedia production team I would like to offer that we more than welcome intelligent, philosophical and even provocative blogs onto our screens. We have had a large variety in nature of response – some ‘ Beavis ‘ type comments, (which on the whole we will not show), the occasional sage reflection on modern life, and a majority that gripe about bus services and the proliferation of rule-breaking smokers on the buses. Whilst not designed specifically to be a forum for serious debate, (we have to follow very carefully censorship rulings that will not allow certain subjects to be discussed on what is equivalent to a U certificate), we would love to see longer running strands where ‘bloggers’ answer each other and venture forth their own opinions on a given subject, whether it be about the weather or any more substantial social issues. The BusLogs are shown once every 15 minutes and, in the interests of keeping the strand topical, is refreshed on a daily basis. Unlike many web forums we also have to guard against libel and slander but, that aside, we look forward to any intelligent and considered offerings.

  5. Dear Ashley,

    thanks for this response, which I have only just seen.
    I think we could have a really interesting conversation
    over the buses myself!


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