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Meeting with Kofi Mawuli Klu at the Carib Youth Centre, Camberwell on Wednesday 21 November 2007 Citizenship Initiatives The aim of the meeting was to discuss issues and developments following on from the Cross Community Forum held at Kingston University on July 12 2007 Action points emanating from the discussion between Urszula Basini and Kofi MawuluKlu. 

  1. Black Boys into Primary Education.

                  There are very few young men from the African-Caribbean Community attending the Initial teacher raining course at the School of Education at Kingston University.  This is reciprocated in the country.  This is an area of concern as many young boys from the African Diaspora are not in touch with positive black role models either in the family life not at school resulting in underachievement.  These young people need support to actively engage with society and to actively engage in educational opportunities in secondary and higher education levels.  The youth community would welcome some learning programmes (short courses) on Global Citizenship, with visits to the School of Education to attend some lectures with a view to what the School of Education has to offer.  This would lead onto encouragement to join undergraduate courses in Initial Teacher Education in order to become primary school teachers.  Members of the School of Education staff (e.g. UB) would visit local schools in Camberwell, Brixton, Stockwell, Balham etc to talk to sixth formers about the possibilities of teaching in primary schools as a career.  New graduates could be encouraged to devote some of their early years of work to teaching in primary schools. 2        International Linking of Wineba School of Education, Ghana with KUSEWineba School of Education is a recently formed SOE in Ghana.  A member of the cross community dialogue meeting that were held at Kingston University has been appointed as the administrator of the new school of education and is keen to develop links with Kingston University with a view to developing Global Citizenship Courses.  It is also an opportunity for student exchange.  KUSE has a successful exchange system with Uganda, RSA and Kerala, India.  As this is a growth area, Ghana would be a welcome venue..  UB waiting for contact with Ghana to further develop this link. 3        Community Co-educators scheme.This scheme looks at education of adults in the community to support their children in classrooms both at primary and secondary levels.  Parents in the community would like more involvement in their children’s schooling; they would like to help the children with home work.  They would like to attend some courses to gain qualifications in order to do this.  KUSE might be able to provide such credit bearing courses that could accumulate to further qualifications such as degrees.  This would be positive way into encouraging the African Carribbean community into Higher Education.  UB to talk to CEWC and CPD to ascertain poaaibilities 4        Research into developing Global Citizenship Education in a village school in Ghana..  This proposal is made by Kofi Mawuli Klu as a suggestion for a Masters in Education Programme at the School of Education.  UB to find out the possibilities and fees for this. Urszula Basini 21November 2007.  Camberwell

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