Log of activities

Log of CEWC human rights education activities 2007/8 – HH draft; others to add to it.

Activity Date Venue Participants Outcome
ASPnet Steering Group ongoing CEWC membership of UNESCO UK ASPnet
Steering Group. HRE working group: HH,
JW, Enid Lodge, Bob Willey.ASPnet teachers.
ASPnet schools hre needs assessment
completed; SG decision to develop action plan for hre
support programme for ASPnet schools; working group
established; action plan discussion document
prepared, though didn’t do much until 16 Nov
conference. Teachers’ study trip
to UN Feb 08. ASPnet coordinator now working on recs
from conference. Raised awareness of World Programme
for HRE.
ASPnetConference 16 Nov 07 Birmingham 40 ASPnet teachers, Steering Group
members, others
Ideas for plan of action for hre
support to ASPnet schools, mooted by CEWC and adopted
by SG, developed by workshop participants. Presented
to SG Jan 08.
ASPnet Norway annual teachers
April 07 Tromso
, Norway
50 teachers and others connected
with ASPnet in Norway, eg
UNA.HH guest speaker.
Guest speech on human rights
education well received; many participants said they
were motivated. Links created between ASPnet UK and
ASPnet coordinator Jan 08 London HH and Anne Breivik, new ASPnet
cooridinator at UNESCO UK
AB briefed by HH; next steps agreed
for hre action plan.
Making links ongoing Jude, HH, Paul C Understanding developing on hre and
Media and marketing ongoing Les Sangeeta Gilani Les has widely disseminated seminar
flyers. Seminars publicised in KU alumni mag; through
KU HRs festival; through DEA
Networking 12 Oct 07 KU PR CEWC, FASS Assoc Dean Phil Spencer,
hrs Prof Brian Brivati
Established links; CEWC’s
seminars publicised as part of FASS Human Rights
Festival. Possible partner for 6th form
summer school
Networking and 2ndUN Day
Oct 07 KU School of Social
Hilary Tompsett, Head of
Established links for
Children’s Day seminar – HT a speaker,
with colleague David Hodgson
Networking Oct 07 London HH meeting with David Wardrop of
UNA Westminster
Link to Greycoats school for MUNGA
support. Opportunity for a CEWC-sponsored film to be
part of their Film Festival in NovDec
08. Possible collaboration on 2008 UDHR
calendar didn’t materialise.
Seminars: UN Day Seminars under
title of Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights
24 Oct, 20 Nov, 10 Dec
KU KH Cosponsors: CEWC, BS,
Social Work and School of Education
speakersParticipants: how
many? eclectic mix incl KU ss and
outside KU
CEWC visible as human rights
educator. 3 Broadsheets written up and
disseminated. HH annotated Helen
Johnson’s chapter with CRC references.
SeminarCorporate Responsibility and Human
Rights Education
29 Jan 08 KU KH Continuing the theme of the 3 UN
Day seminarsHelen Johnson
Engaging KU students and those at
KU working for students in the discussion. Making
links with ss union and societies.
Strengthening core CEWC community.
Seminars: UDHR in-house
July and October 07 KU CEWC Board members and
Core CEWC community are more
confident of their grasp of the UDHR as a tool for
education for world citizenship; basis for UDHR
60th programme.Being explored as a
possible basis for a CEWC product.
Conference: Lucknow Quality for
Peace Convention incl HH presentation on hre is
quality education; networking
Nov/Dec 07 India CEWC/KU
delegation.2500 school students from Indian
subcontinent and Mauritius.International and regional
Human rights was a theme of several
presentations/ speeches. HH made links with possible
UDHR summer school partners. CEWC
office at CMS offers avenue for intercultural
dialogue, communication and activity.
Conference: Children’s Rights
Alliance of England Children’s
20 Nov 07 London HH represented CEWC and asked
public questions about hre.
CEWC visible and on
participants’ list; CEWC raised issue of State
obligations for CRC education.
Conference: DEA AGM 22 Nov 07 London HH attended and voted on
CEWC’s behalf.
CEWC visible and on
participants’ list; CEWC raised issue of State
obligations for hre and hre as an integral part of
LSE hrs lecture
bythe UK equality and human rights
Nov 07 London LSE students and hrs people –
public lecture; heads of
EHRC.HH attended and submitted a
question on behalf of CEWC.
HH’s question in writing on
the status of the commission in relation to the Paris
principles is on the record somewhere though was not
dealt with as advised.
School MUNGA training and
Nov/Dec 07 Greycoats school,
6th formers. HH did
pre-MUNGA human rights training; John Waddleton
chaired sessions.
No follow-up action as
yet. Possible start of CEWC MUNGA
support product.
School assemblies and
2 Nov 07 2 schools in Thurrock “Slavery and
Citizenship” as part of Thurrock
Council’s Black History Month activities,
coordinated by the Corporate Diversity
team. RE did two assemblies and, with
HH, workshops on slavery and children’s rights.
No follow-up action as yet.
Possible kernel of teaching materials for curriculum
on slavery.

just remembered I forgot to include the Liverpool Parliament
presentation and ASPnet school teacher and child hre sessions
– will send amended version

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