It’s the economy, stupid!

With recent speculations on a recession, on no recession, and on just thinking about a recession might cause one…highlights the need to place economics and financial capability as a central plank within what it means to be a citizen. 

Our politicians and decision-makers ultimately steer the wheel of the economy the best they can, as the engine of commerce thrusts forwards.  Our understanding of economics is for the most, left to the domains of the back ends to newspapers and city analysts.

As the pluralism of one issue causes fragments the popularity of ideology the pragmatism of economics increasingly guides the direction of our country.  Indeed one may say that we judge greatness in our leaders based on the ability to best manage the economy and guide us through eras of prosperity and growth.

Importantly, single issue causes are also revolutionising our understanding of traditional economics as well, illustrated by the emphasis of well being gaining ground on financial reward.  Terms such as work – life balance, ethical trading, ecological branding, social enterprise etc further illuminates a direction of thinking.

We are all economically active and so economics inevitably forms a central theme in what it is to be a citizen.  Our task should be one of introducing economics and finance alongside politics and law in empowering peoples understanding of the forces that shape and change the world around them.  

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