On Thursday I went to the first 2gether festival in Shoreditch. The festival was an attempt to bring practioners together to talk about how to use digital media to bring about social change.

Now I am no deigital media genius so I was a little apprehensive that the conference would be way above my head but it wasn’t and not only that, it was actually really interesting and really relevant for citizenship and engagement of young people.

I was particularly struck by the seminars that talked about how we related to the internet as a result of social networking sites and Google (more user generated content) and how that could have an an impact on the work that we do on the Youth Act program. We work hard to build up the capacity of young people to be able to make decisions on the training program on the campaign issue and how they go about achieving their campaign aim and we have now started working on Facebook to try and get young people to share what that experience is like for them which is great however, what else can we do to allow/ encourage young people to generate the content of the training within a framework similar to the way they generate the content on Facebook, Bebo etc within the framework of those sites?

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