And so it begins…

This weekend we went away to Lewes with 3 young people who were interested in campaigning on pan-London issues. Aakash, Isatu and Lara were from the NW and SE and had only met once at a consultation for the Government of London with Tessa Jowell.

We all met up at Victoria to start what was going to be one of the best Youth Act resi weekends ever! A packed train took us to Lewes and a nice man took us to our little youth hostel – we then thought we would start dinner but hadn’t reckoned on the world’s slowest oven as a partner!! After many hours, and several burnt pizzas, we settled down to get to know each other round a fire telling scary stories! That was when we got another member of the team for the weekend – Muncan II (part stick, part Youth Act team member) has been with us ever since:)

The group worked on a map of London and identified that many of the issues facing London stemmed from the way the media reported areas of London – we are scared of going to Hackney because of the murder mile tag but in reality it is a nice and safe place to be. So the plan is to work on how to develop media literacy amongst young people and also help the media to be more responsible in their reporting – future details to come!!!

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