If we don’t understand our society we are denied our right to participate

In this video Tony Breslin looks forward to a time when citizenship as a curriculum subject no longer needs a lobby; when learning about the legal system, democracy and the economy has become as firmly established in education as literacy and numeracy.

“If our young people – indeed, if our adult population – don’t understand how the society that they live in works, then actually they can never play their proper role as citizens and they’re being denied their right to do so.”

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One thought on “If we don’t understand our society we are denied our right to participate

  1. congratulations by the way on the anniversary šŸ™‚

    Getting an understanding of many of those things is incredibly complex and even if you seek just a basic understanding it tends to expose how little you actually comprehend which in turn may be counteractive in so far as encouraging young people to be active citizens. Sometimes naivety and innocence are powerful in themselves – particularly when accompanied by strong motivational drive (and I’d argue considerably more should be made of linking the enthusiasm and ambition of the young with the understanding of the older against teaching knowledge to the young in isolation).

    My real point being that I’d like to have heard thoughts on what citizenship might be like in 20 years time. What can be done to make participating in society simpler, less exclusive? How will technology change how we can participate and should citizenship education be more concerned with the future than the past?

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