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Hi there, for those *keen* followers of this blog who aren’t aleady aware, Tony Breslin our CEO, Ruth Le Breton from the Go Givers team and me from The Youth of Today will be blogging everyday from Lucknow, North India. We have been incredibly fortunate to be invited to a convention on student quality control circles which in our ‘speak’ means student participation – something which we are all committed to both through our work and our personal lives.

Hopefully over the next week we shall be able to give you an insight into global experiences on student participation, how it works , how India is working on it , and more importantly our views on a school with no less than 38,000 students (imagine that dinner queue in the canteen at lunch …!)

So far it is overwhelming how welcome we have been made to feel from the garlands round our neck to the regular requests for photos and autographs (local celebs much ??) . For me though I can’t quite get over the enthusasism of the students here for their school. Is it because they are involved in student voice? Is it because the school is adorned with motivating slogans about their power and role as global citizens?: Or is it simply pride for their school? I’m hoping to get to the bottom of what makes this school so passionate this week compared to so many others and will no doubt blog my answer!

For now though , it’s off to hear more speeches global practice – hoping the jet lag won’t start to kick in !

Nicola 🙂

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