A speech to 3000 people. Not scary at all … !?!

Today was the big speech. Palms sweating, 3000 agitated young people watching and the proceedings were an hour and a half late – never a good way to sooth nervous presenters. Ruth and I were talking about how to support young people to have a positive impact on their community. Before we came out here we thought we would have a practical approach and one which the delegates would find relevant and useful. Two days in it seems that they have already nailed youth voice here.
The way in which they work out here uses models of quality circles used in industries and then they apply the model to schools. Students of a young age here learn about Gantt charts, cause and effect models and various data management and they use those skills to apply to the problem the have identified in the school and the way in which they plan to solve it.
The essence of it is very similar to our very own Youth Act, but the business link (to companies like Toyota who started the original quality circles for company improvements ) which the Asian quality circles employ, is perhaps what we could learn from. Very quickly Ruth and I were applauding the audience for their passion and enthusiasm rather than the other way round (!).
Having said that, people did seem enthused by our work at the Foundation. People found our projects an innovative approach to teaching young people about the law, politics and the economy. So much so one woman congratulated us saying her daughter attended a school in Hounslow, London and took part in the lawyers in schools programme and the mock trials – her daughter is now training to be a lawyer (our eyes lit up at this very ‘fundable’ anecdote as you can imagine). It just goes to show how far our programmes reach and the impact they have not just on communities, but also on individuals lives. This convention in India is making me constantly feel either proud of our own achievements at the Foundation, or in awe of what is being achieved globally. (Clearly it’s been a long day due to my cheesey sentiments)
To top it all off Tony has just cut the red ribbon on the opening of a Citizenship Foundation Pan – Asian office, much to Ruth and I’s surprise. This celeb status is really going to our heads now …
Over and out, Nicola

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3 thoughts on “A speech to 3000 people. Not scary at all … !?!

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  2. Wow, that sounds so cool. Cant believe that you found someone with a link to the Lawyers in school programme and that it has shaped what she wants to do with her life.

  3. Ruth and Nicola, I have to say that your activity on the blog in the past few days has been fabulous! Thank you for sharing your experiences from India! I almost travelled with you there through reading these posts. It sounds like the conference was an amazing experiecne and I can’t wait to hear about it, especially about how we could translate the student quality control circles here!

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