Young Brits at Art 2010: exploring controversial issues through art

A couple of weeks ago I met with Gabriela Flores at the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to discuss the projects they run for young people. They all sound fantastic, but I was particularly inspired by Young Brits at Art, a competition running now for young people aged 11 – 19.

Young Brits at Art asks young people to explore issues around equality and human rights through art. Not only are the results amazing – I’ve got copies of two of last year’s winning entries taped to my desk because I love them so much – but teachers can also use the resources to support delivery of citizenship, and in particular the key concepts Rights and Responsibilities and Identity and Diversity.

I asked the team at the EHRC to send through more details about this year’s competition. Here they are:

Young Brits at Art 2010: Turning young people’s vision into art

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has re-launched its Young Brits at Art awards, inviting 11-19 year olds from all walks of life to express their vision of this year’s theme: ‘What would the world look like if we lived without prejudice?’

This academic year, Young Brits at Art offers new resources for educators which complement and reinforce learning under the National Curriculum in England and Wales and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. The resources aim to model good practice in facilitating young people’s creative work exploring equality and human rights. They are also designed to help educators and group leaders organise activities to support young people’s entries to the Young Brits at Art awards. Find out more about the resources here.

The awards can benefit young people in schools, youth clubs, Connexions services, pupil referral units, faith groups, libraries, leisure centres and other local council facilities. Charities and museums can use the awards as part of their existing youth programmes. Individual young people can also develop their own artwork and enter independently.

After the success of the first year of the awards in 2009, Young Brits at Art 2010 includes new categories such as photography, sculpture and motion animation, as well as its previous sections for painting and drawings. Our goal is to get more schools and youth centres involved by providing new and innovative resources that support the teaching of arts and citizenship as well as ongoing work with young people outside the school system. We will also host 45 artist-led workshops to support those taking part, with a particular emphasis on young people from disabled, hard to reach and vulnerable backgrounds.

For more information and to sign up to the awards, visit the website.

Young Brits at Art is part of a wider programme of work with young people, for more information visit

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