Listening online

We are trying to get better at engaging with people online, in order to offer our audience the best and most appropriate information and support that we can.

Like many organisations now, we are aware that our website is not where most people will be talking about us or our line of work. Therefore we need to be listening and engaging constructively with online activity.

This post is really a note to myself of the listening techniques I employ, but as it might be useful to others it seemed a good idea to publish it here.

What I look for

I used to search for a number of keywords covering the breadth of the organisation, but have now slimmed it down to a very specific few:

  • “citizenship foundation”
  • “citizenship teaching”
  • “citizenship education”
  • “digital engagement”
  • “digital inclusion” OR “digital exclusion”


Of course the usefulness of this might diminish a little when more newspapers put their content behind paywalls (see Murdoch to limit Google access), but it should remain possible to see at least a headline.


I won’t go into depth about how I respond to what I ‘hear’, but elsewhere I published a flowchart on how to ‘Manage your online reputation‘ (external link), based heavily on one produced by the US Air Force. You might find it useful.

My flow chart for managing online reputations

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