Opening up the democratic process

I have only recently taken a more in-depth look at the BBC’s new-ish website, Democracy Live (it launched in November 2009), but as we approach the election it could be very useful in offering voters a greater understanding of, and accessibility to, the democratic institutions that govern the UK.

Democracy Live allows you to watch political debates live and on demand from all of the UK’s national political institutions and the European Parliament. It opens up the business of politics to everyone and the clever speech-to-text search function means that you can go straight to the point in a video which you are interested in. So if you wanted to find out what was said by a particular MP on a certain issue you don’t need to listen to the full debate you can quickly and easily find the relevant information.

The eight screen video wall on the home page allows you to see which institutions are live and there are institution guides and biographies on each elected representative.

I think this is a really useful resource with a broad appeal that goes beyond political experts and politicians and I will certainly be referring back to it.

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