Young people leading more young people!

Josh Scott, 19,  is part of The Youth of Today apprenticeship. His apprenticeship is in youth work, of which he spends a day working with the Citizenship Foundation, 3 days at a youth work placement and a day of college (I like to think his favourite day is at the Citizenship Foundation with me of course!)

He is working closely with our Youth Leadership Team at the Foundation, which ensures we have young people steering the direction of The Youth of Today. Below he has summarised how he found the first session in May . He will be blogging after each meeting so everyone can read how he is finding delivering sessions to a group of young people, but also to see how our youth leadership team is developing as young leaders at the Foundation.  Enjoy!


“Despite a turnout of 3 out of a possible 6, the first youth leadership team (YLT) session went really well. It was a great chance to bond and meet new people, and get a small taster for the capabilities and achievements to come from the YLT. I was rather excited at the potential in these young people, and believe that they could help steer CF into more relevance for The Youth of Today! The young people were friendly, outgoing and great people to work with.

The team building exercises were fun and helpful, in getting to know each other better. Also, Nicola pitched the CF’s position and plan for the YLT; it was pretty interesting and informative… After this, together, we devised a contract and pledged to keep to this as best as we could.

Overall, the first session was a great success, and I really enjoyed my first time at delievering a session to the team. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the obvious highlight – Pizza Express for lunch which was naturally amazing but also gave us a another great opportunity to bond as a group. Bring on the next meeting!


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