I Do Ideas: Young people making a difference

The Young Foundation, a partner with us in The Youth of Today have announced today the launch of their young leaders fund called I Do Ideas. When it landed in my inbox last night I was (very geekily I admit!) quite excited to read about such an innovative approach to grant giving which avoids lengthy applications forms and instead asks for video pitches.

Young people aged 13-19 upload their big idea on to the I do Ideas website , which the Young Foundation’s youth leadership team (all aged 13 -19 too) then review. The team then ask eligible young people to pitch their big idea in person. Winning ideas get £1,000 to start it up, with 30 grants available.

Working with the Young Foundation through the grant giving aspects of The Youth of Today I have been so amazed to see the level of support they offer to grantees , making their approach to grant giving so much more holistic and effective. The I Do Ideas grant seems to be no different with the young people receiving a wealth of support along side the money , to really ensure that their idea is sustainable in making a difference to the community.

To find out more visit their website  here

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