Visit our Schools Campaign – get involved!

I have first hand experience of the value businesses and their employees can bring to the classroom having been a volunteer myself and also spending my recent career managing employee volunteering programmes.  Increased motivation, confidence, self-esteem, employability skills and communication ability are just a few of the benefits to young people (and adults!) that spring to mind when I think about partnerships between businesses and schools.

I now manage the Giving Nation Challenge at the Citizenship Foundation which, along with other schemes such as Lawyers in Schools, aims to provide support to young people by providing adult volunteers to share their expertise whilst acting as role models and coaches in a classroom setting.

I am therefore very impressed to hear about a new campaign launched by charity Education and Employers Taskforce which is dedicated to help build awareness amongst organisations of all sizes in the public and private sectors about how they can support their local school and help shape the motivation, skills and employability of young people.

The ‘Visit our Schools’ week is taking place between 18-22 October 2010. It provides business leaders with the opportunity to visit their local school, meet the Headteachers, staff and students to inspire them to get involved and make a big difference to their communities.

Schools and colleges are encouraged to register to take part. Business leaders can also sign up to visit their local school.

I hope that this week helps to develop many fruitful relationships between businesses and schools and I look forward to updating you on the outcomes later in the year.

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