Josh, The Youth of Today apprentice, describes his second session with the youth leadership team.

This was my second session with the YLT and I was totally outnumbered 4 to 1 boys and girls, come on boys where are you?!
Anyway, following May’s session I think that this was again a great success, we battled through the boiling hot sunshine, and ended up doing half the session outside, building newspaper towers with the added twist of battling the elements. Anyway, we coped with team activities between the duo of Nicola and Halima who struggled against the always formidable Christie with our newest member Aminatta – who may I add goes to school 2 minutes away from my placement, coincidence or what?

We discussed further The Youth of Today enterprise lessons on the grassy park floor as the group outlined what they looked for in interactive lessons, and what they wanted to gain from enterprise lessons. All was good until, in a hilarious blunder, Nicola gets squashed Satsuma juice all over Christee’s new t-shirt – she never lived that down!

Following that the group discussed the website, well when I say discussed the guys pretty much ripped it to shreds, but a lot of positives came out of it and the group came up with some great ideas around how to make it more engaging . Get ready for an all new website in the coming months!

But, we are starting to form a great team, and the girls’ input and knowledge was priceless I was really impressed with their ideas and thoughts, it should be a good year for the CF YLT I am sure of it.

Oh, we ended up after much deliberation eating out at Gourmet Burger, it was beautiful!

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