Not at all intimidating talking to a room of Lords and MP’s … honestly!

The 21st July was a big day. I am not of a nervous disposition, but to say my heart wasn’t beating at a hundred mile per hour would be a tad dishonest! You see, The Citizenship Foundation were holding a reception event at the House of Lords.

For me this was huge, as I had no idea what to expect and all I knew was that Nicola ( who manages me) had asked me to deliver a speech! You may have gathered from my previous blogging that yes, I am passionate about young people. So, I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a little bit about why working with, and alongside young people, is important to me; thankfully the words flew out of my mouth. Countless Lords and MP’s arrived at the scene and I was getting nervous, I wasn’t helped by the insane heat in that room. I realized that the man himself David Blunkett would be responding to what I said, it was an honour to hear him speak and ask questions.

So as I readied myself to speak I found some courage and it flowed surprisingly easy. I spoke briefly about how young people weren’t just the people or citizens of tomorrow, but that they had the capabilities to be the leaders of change today! I told a few anecdotes of some of my experiences working with young people and ended with a challenge to all of us, to stop labeling young people negatively, but encourage them to reach their full potential and destiny.

Gladly it was well received by my audience, I was so pleased with how it went and relished the opportunity it gave me to make new connections and meet new people.It was also really great to hear what other young people had been doing to make change, through various projects the CF had run. Overall, it was a brilliant event, and I am so happy I had the chance to do it; the memories will be with me always!

(oh and I even got a bit of coverage myself , you can read it here *blushes*)

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