Jarvis Cocker talks citizenship on Radio 6

Being quite a big fan of the wonderful Jarvis Cocker I don’t quite know how I missed this…thankfully a colleague pointed it out to me and I just finished listening to Jarvis interviewing Jamie Kelsey Fry, Association of Citizenship Teaching (ACT) Council member, for his show on Radio 6. In the interview Jamie talks with Jarvis about citizenship studies at GCSE and the importance of citizenship education for young people.

You can listen to it for yourself on BBC i-player (around 1.36).

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One thought on “Jarvis Cocker talks citizenship on Radio 6

  1. The interview can be heard more easily here: http://www.raxcitizenship.org

    Jarvis Cocker is an example of many, many other parents who had not known what Citizenship Studies was but who had become fervent supporters once they had found out. This happened as we had toured the Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit as part of the legendary children’s arts circus The House Of Fairy Tales.

    Over eight festivals, we discovered a huge amount of parents who left as firm supporters of citizenship education. I think there needs to be a much more effective campaign to raise awareness about Cit Ed.

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