‘My Street’ is right up my street

My first thought when I saw the ‘My Street’ proposal was that it is a fantastic new competition for schools that connects with citizenship teaching across the curriculum.

It aims to teach young people what it means to be a citizen by encouraging them to think about community, diversity, and conflict, in a practical way.

The plan is that emerging film-makers will go into schools and share their experiences and expertise with a group of around 100 students. The film-makers will then split students into groups and help them make a short documentary about their community, focusing on the streets surrounding the school, the school’s relationship with the local community, and the school itself.

At the end of the day the films will be publically screened and awards given. The best film will be selected for presentation alongside international features at the closing gala of the OPEN CITY, London Documentary Festival at University College London (UCL) and the Renoir cinema.

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