If I could change one thing

Yesterday, groups of young people from across London gathered to talk about what action they could take to tackle a range of global issues they were passionate about as part of Act Global (a project by the Citizenship Foundation and Relief International).

Students had been working on lesson plans and after school resources from the Act Global website to discuss the causes and effects of a range of global issues and thinking about what solutions they might imagine to make the world a better place.

The venue for this event was the fantastic Living Room at the top of City Hall and the students gathered to share their solutions with other students and adults from a range of international organisations, media agencies and educational establishments. We also managed to bump into Boris Johnson in the cafe which was an excellent start to the event!!

The event kicked off at 3pm (ish) with an introduction of the heart of Act Global: the idea of critical connections and partnerships which was demonstrated through the partnership with the GLA as evidenced through our work with the Children and Young People’s Unit and the fact that Dee Doocey AM, the Chair of the Assembly was able to attend!

We listened to presentations from students on issues of maternal health, bullying, access to education and climate change to name a few. Students also heard how they could commit to raising awareness about food and sustainability by Jose Aguiar, by eating the average daily world meal (made up from a small amount of rice and beans) and donating the rest of their food budget to projects either in the UK or working internationally.

The event also provided an opportunity for all the guests to explore what they might do to tackle the issue of waste in London and we heard from Jenny Jones AM about what she thought about some of the ideas:

“I am confident that you will fix the problems created by my generation…because you are exceptional young people”

The event was wrapped up by Sarah Mosses from Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation who talked about the role of media in raising awareness of global issues. The story of a film supported by Channel 4 BRITDOC called A Small Act was shown and guests were encouraged to do their “small act” to tackle the issues facing the world today.

It would be great to hear the thing you would change if you had the power, the passion or the opportunity – use the hashtag #ificouldchangeonething on twitter.

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