Acting Global in Arundel

The last update Ade wrote, we had just enjoyed celebrating the achievements of Act Global students in the plush venue of the London Living Rooms at City Hall. This weekend was another big event for Act Global: our very first residential!

And so we found ourselves heading to the coast on Friday with 28 increasingly excited students. There was lots of energy on the first evening with icebreakers and team building activities to set the tone for the weekend.

Saturday was filled with activities that were all geared towards preparing the teams for giving presentations that evening of their campaigns. The students spent the morning exploring global issues and brainstorming until they decided on their issue. In the afternoon we ran workshops on everything from public speaking to banner making. The groups stepped up to the challenge and all came out with amazing project ideas. Sunday was back to the video cameras to create campaign films they will use to spearhead the project when they get back to school.

It was amazing to see how far the teams came over the course of the weekend. They not only developed group campaigns, but some students are keen to start their own individual campaigns too. The students have been in touch on the Act Global network since returning. Here are a few comments from student’s blogs on the network:

‘Absolutely loved it! Amazing people, great activities and a beautiful place. Spending quality time with my friends I knew already and making new one = highlight!’ Caitlin, Highbury Grove School.

‘This weekend was truly wonderful. I enjoyed every moment of it, the team activities were interesting and fun; I also enjoyed the presentation because it was again interesting to hear about what others personally thought about some of the issues and how they presented that. I made loads of friends and met people, everyone was very nice and welcoming. I learnt alot and the experience was amazing’ Nusaybah, Hazelwick School

‘It was extremely successful and was almost definitely the best and most rewarding trip I have ever been on. With my new found skills I have decided to launch a campaign on the subject I feel I am most passionate about, whaling.’ Josh, Hazelwick School.

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