Support grows for citizenship in schools

Over 250 people so far have signed Democratic Life’s petition for citizenship education, and now a new group is adding even more voices to the call for citizenship to stay in the National Curriculum.

Democratic Life launched at the end of September with the aim of convincing politicians that citizenship should stay in the curriculum. It has already garnered the support of influential organisations such as Media Trust, The Law Society, The Co-operative Group and the British Institute of Human Rights.

Their website encourages visitors to sign the Democratic Life petition, gives a short background to citizenship in the curriculum and houses their briefing paper for politicians.

The petition itself has a steadily growing list of signatures. Among the comments is one from Sir Keith Ajegbo, author of the Diversity and Citizenship Curriculum Review for the previous government, who tells how citizenship education ‘was crucial to raising belonging, involvement, attainment and aspiration in the school at which I was headteacher’.

Now another group, Defenders of Citizenship Education, has launched its own call to arms: ‘It has come to our attention that the subject is under review and could be removed from the national curriculum. We urge you to join our campaign…’.

DOCE argues that the country needs ‘responsible, active and critical young people ready to make a positive difference’, and that the citizenship curriculum is important for the development of the necessary skills and attitudes.

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