Voters say they are turned off by political bickering

According to our small poll, over sixty percent of people are put off voting by the adversarial nature of party politics.

The results so far:

“When politicians capitalise on the ‘scandals’ and failures of other parties, how are you most likely to react?”

  • It makes me more likely to vote for the complainant: 3.23% (2 votes);
  • It makes me more likely to vote for the accused: 17.74% (11 votes);
  • It makes me less likely to vote at all: 62.9% (39 votes);
  • It doesn’t bother me: 16.13% (10 votes).

Total Votes: 62

Ok, so it is a very small poll with only a tiny handful of respondents since March this year, and there was no scientific method applied to it; but it is interesting that a large majority – nearly two thirds – said they were ‘less likely to vote at all’.

I wonder if the picture would be similar from a much larger sample?

The poll

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