Badges now available for showing off your linked open data

The folk at Galway’s Linked Data Research Centre have produced a set of badges for marking data in line with the five star rating scheme proposed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

If you publish data, these badges allow you to show how open it is. For example, if you’re at the bottom end of the scale – putting data just into a pdf on your website, which is better than not publishing at all – you’ll probably want the one-star badge; if you’re at the other end – you are a ‘linked data’ god and probably talk in comma-separated syllables – you may choose to swagger around boldly with the five-star badge.

(‘But what is ‘linked data’?’ I hear you cry. I’m not going to tell you now, but I shall be writing a post soon explaining some of the terminology that keeps appearing on this blog.)

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