Access The Guardian’s data journalism from a new single web page

The Guardian today launched, the new gateway to its data journalism and visualisations.

As well as their existing datablog, the site will include:

  • key topical data, explained;
  • their pick of the ‘data blogosphere’;
  • the option to search the world’s government data and global development data;
  • featured applications.

The paper has been making big strides in data journalism, which arguably is where journalism is heading. In an interview with Paul Bradshaw recently, The Guardian’s Datablog editor Simon Rogers explained how he sees this evolving role of the journalist:

In a world where we can access information directly I think it’s a central function of journalists to make important information findable. The first level of that is to publish raw data.

It’s interesting to see that this seems to be a key principle for hyperlocal bloggers – making civic information findable.

The second level – if you have the time and resources – is then to analyse that raw data and pull stories out of it. But ultimately there will always be other ‘stories’ in the information that people want to find for themselves, which may be too specific to be of interest to the journalist or publisher.

The third level – which really requires a lot of investment – is to create tools that make it easier for the user to find what they want, to make it easier to understand (e.g. through visualisation), and to share it with others.

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