A week in the life of a youth worker

It has been ever so busy over the last month; jetting off to the scorching heat of Mumbai, trying to complete three assignments, plus, planning a new youth drop-in centre that will be starting up in the New Year.

Despite all the busyness, it has been a really enjoyable and exciting time as an apprentice for The Youth of Today. As an apprentice studying youth work I spend a day at college, three days at my youth work placement and a day at the Citizenship Foundation. The varying days make it all a great experience, but the last few weeks have been manic!

College work has been piling up, it has been interesting though, trying to get to grips with reflective practice and how, as a youth worker, it is vital to log and evaluate the work you do and what the best means are to doing that. Also taking a look at child protection and how to maintain that in youth clubs, it makes hard reading but important to know.

At my work placement the  New Year will see me running a new project. Our club will be running a fortnightly youth club for young people on the local estate, it will involve a café selling milkshakes and all things sweet; performing arts such as dance, singing, acting and music production and just a great place for young people to meet with their friends and youth workers that are their for them. It is going to be awesome.

I also had the opportunity to work with young people out in India. Being in India was a completely new experience, it was a great opportunity to find out about new cultures, and see how young people lived out there. The trip lasted two weeks, it was so valuable to see how some of the people lived, and it really does change your outlook on life, how they are so content and full of life, in the midst of all their poverty and deprivation. The chance to meet lots of young people their and find out what they were doing and how they lived their lives, was both moving and priceless. It truly was heart-rending, humbling, and hilarious, the people met, the food ate and the cultural experience – unforgettable.

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