Open data activists widen the net to include corporates

First it was local councils, then it was charities; now it’s the turn of corporates to have their data opened up for them.

Today Chris Taggart (of OpenlyLocal and OpenCharities) and Rob McKinnon launch OpenCorporates, which aims very high indeed:

“OpenCorporates aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a URL for every company in the world…

“…Few parts of the corporate world are limited to a single country, and so the world needs a way of bringing the information together in a single place, and more than that, a place that’s accessible to anyone, not just those who subscribe to proprietary datasets”.

As Paul Bradshaw reports on his Online Journalism Blog:

“Taggart and McKinnon are well placed to do this. In addition to charities data, Taggart has created websites that make it easier to interrogate council spending data and hyperlocal websites; McKinnon has done the same for the New Zealand parliament and UK lobbying“.

Love it or loathe it, a culture of open data is starting to grow; whatever our sector, we should probably expect a lot more scrutiny in the future.

Update: Chris wrote about OpenCorporates on The Guardian Datablog this morning.

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