World Bank, Wellcome Trust and other leading funders sign pledge to share health data

On Monday major funders of health research called for ‘wider sharing of data to achieve better public health worldwide’.

In Improving public health with open data the World Bank explains why 17 leading health funders have signed a joint statment to share data.

The article may also be of interest to those uncertain about publishing their data, as it touches on the potential of releasing what appear to be arbitrary sets of the stuff:

“An early and celebrated example is the epidemiologist John Snow’s study of the relationship between the water supply and cholera outbreaks in central London in 1854, which used public data to establish the link between contaminated water and the disease…

“An environment where data are open, freely available and easily accessible to all can provide tremendous benefits for development…

“In many developing countries this data is immensely valuable but there’s too little of it:  through data sharing, researchers can re-use the data to create new insights and find new solutions to development problems.”

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