Public Data Corporation: have your say

Last month’s announcement by the UK government of plans for a single public data body had a mixed reception. Well, now you can tell them what you think.

The consultation website (ok, blog with a load of questions) is hosted by the Cabinet Office, so it’s all official. They’re not actually asking your opinion on the idea of a body though, but on the data itself:

“We’re especially interested in your thoughts on datasets and data products created by public sector organisations that are focused on:

  • registration activities, e.g. registering a business;
  • environmental science issues, including natural hazards;
  • critical infrastructure; and
  • the built environment.”

Apparently the website ‘will be running from 14 February to 11 March’; although as that was itself apparently posted on the 11th, it’s hard to tell what the real timescale is.

When the initial announcement was made I tried to be optimistic; many others though expressed concern, including Openly Local’s Chris Taggart.

The Big Society machine already seems to be swamping us with consultations and opportunities to ‘scrutinise’ everything under the sun. However, if you’re enthusiastic about the future of open data then this one is probably worth a little of your time.

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