Deputy Vice President of the Law Society visits a Lawyers in Schools session

Guest post

Deputy Vice President of the Law Society of England & Wales, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, is a mental health and human rights lawyer and also managing partner of Scott-Moncrieff Harbour and Sinclair a virtual law firm which operates online.

The Law Society of England & Wales has been a long time supporter of Lawyers in Schools and, as such, Lucy was keen to observe one of the sessions at Haverstock School in Chalk Farm, North London in February. It was fitting to Lucy’s background that the session was on the topic of discrimination and, following the lesson, she kindly wrote the following for us…

‘The lawyers from Olswang worked with small groups of Year 10 students on the law relating to discrimination. As you would expect from the students of a London comprehensive, the group brought their own experiences and those of their families to the discussion, and they seemed genuinely interested in the role that the law plays, or doesn’t play, in this complex subject.

I was impressed by the preparation that had been put into the session by Olswang, and by the rapport that the lawyers had with the students on this fifth visit out of a series of six. It was a great pleasure to see the students applying the law to novel situations as well as considering the role that it has played in their own experiences.

Clearly, ‘Lawyers in Schools’ is right on target for the regulatory objective of increasing public understanding of the citizen’s rights and duties. Long may it, and the Citizenship Foundation, continue!’

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