Reflections from Gambia with Giving Nation Outreach Officer

Having just returned from a fruitful trip to the Gambia with students from Queen Elizabeth II High School from Isle of Man, my eyes have been opened to the role that intercultural communication can play a vital role in developing student’s global views.

Working with the students & teacher from this Giving Nation Award winning school, it was great to observe the crucial and dynamic work that Concern Universal plays in the Gambia. Concern Universal provided an enriched and dynamic trip for six QEII students and their teacher to learn about the life changing work that they do in one of Africa’s poorest countries

SMILE Gardens in Gambia

During our week in the Gambia, it was observed how the pupils were able to leave aside preconceptions and be able to see how SMILE (Smallholder Irrigation for Livelihood Enhancement) agricultural technology is building women’s livelihoods and improving their capacity to generate an income for their families.

Observing Concern Universal’s work in the Gambia solidified the core aims of the trip on understanding international development organizations and working with local communities to address key issues of health, agriculture and education.

Moira Pain, 15, said, “Something that’s really struck me while I’ve been here is the difference between aid and development; it wasn’t something I’d really considered before and I think it’s had a really profound effect on me and the rest of the group.”

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