Go-Givers: Make a Difference Celebration at City Hall

Yesterday I attended the Citizenship Foundation’s Go-Givers ‘Make a Difference Challenge’ event at City Hall. The event was held to celebrate the achievements of children from 21 different schools, in the Greater London area, on their ‘Make a Difference Challenge’ projects.

The ‘Make a Difference Challenge’ is run by the Go-Givers team and works with teachers in primary schools. The pupils are asked to pick an issue that is important to them, and then figure out a way to improve make a difference on that issue. Some examples the children presented at yesterday’s event included racism, children in the nearby hospital, dirty water in Africa, and global warming.

The schools each took a different approach since they were dealing with varying issues. For example, the group that focussed on racism worked to raise awareness and the pupils who were concerned about the children in the hospital decided to hold a toy sale to raise money. The event was exciting to take part in because the children’s enthusiasm was contagious. They were all keen on talking about the issues they chose and how they worked to make a difference. Not only did this event celebrate the children’s work, but it also promoted values of citizenship through the children working together for a common goal that will improve others lives.

It was nice to see their excitement about being at City Hall and watching them showcase their projects. The schools were able to hang up pictures and examples of their work and lay out their class scrapbook for other schools and passers by to see. Groups of excited, and slightly nervous, school children filled the chamber and took turns to present their work. Some schools had choreographed dances, others made videos, and some took a more traditional stance and just spoke about why they picked, what they did, and what they learned. They also had a break where they could have some juice and biscuits and just enjoy the view. After each performance, the group was presented with a Go-Givers certificate and had their picture taken.

Overall, I really enjoyed helping out at this event because the children were very adorable and inspiring. It was great to see how much some of them have learned about the issue they chose. It was such a positive event and also a pleasant reminder that doing little things can make a big difference.

If your school would like to get involved with Go-Givers ‘Make a Difference Challenge’ in the future, visit our website or contact Marguerite Heath.

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