Take part in an interactive court case

I came across a fun and engaging interactive tool on court processes from OpenLearn, The Open University’s portal for free learning content. ‘What’s your verdict?’ takes the user through a fictional court case and asks them to make judgements based on what they see and hear. It also teaches about the court system.

In the videos information is provided about the court system and the jury’s involvement in cases. This is a very informative and interesting way to learn about court processes. Once the sample case was over my opinions were compared with others and their thoughts on the case.

You then discover that there is a version A and version B. The two versions differ in the way the information is presented, the language used, and the jury room’s dynamic. People’s thoughts on the case and its outcomes are then compared to show how little nuances can make big differences in the outcome of court cases.

Overall, it was an exciting way to learn about how court works. It also makes you think about all the different factors that contribute to a court ruling and the important ways the jury contributes to the case. If you are interested in learning more about the court system or just want to see how others view court cases, try it here for yourself!

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