Share your lessons, win money for you and your school… Yes, really

When I received an email telling me that if teachers shared their lessons, they could win up to £45,000 for them and their school, my cynical self assumed it was too good to be true. But I clicked on the link, had a look and it turns out O2 Learn are doing just that.

All you need to do is to video a mini-lesson that teaches a particular topic and share it on the O2 Learn website. The videos are categorised by subject, and there’s a section for Citizenship and PSHE. The idea is to build a video library of lessons that students can use to help them with revision. There are weekly awards for the best lesson of £1,000 for the teacher who uploaded the video and £1,000 for their department. In November, the weekly winners will go forward for an annual award where they can win up to £15,000 for the teacher and £30,000 for their school.

It would be awesome to see some imaginative Citizenship videos go up on the site. To help you get started, here are some ideas:

Giving Nation: A group of students video the whole process of developing and carrying out their Giving Nation project, which they edit together to show others how they can do their own active citizenship project. This group could be the same group as are responsible for the G-Blog and G-Video.

Mock Trials: Film your students participating in a mock trial and use it to show how the court process works.

Young Citizen’s Passport: Re-enact one of the case studies in the free lesson plans and film the discussion about the problem and real outcome to teach about different elements of the law. Students could also write and film their own scenarios then use the Young Citizen’s Passport to resolve them.

If you use our programmes and teaching materials to help produce your video, we’d love to hear about it. Either leave a comment below or contact us.

Popularity of the videos is part of the judging criteria, so if you tell us you have submitted one we can publicise it and help you get more views and ratings.

Happy filming!

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