Free careers education resources for primary schools

Children are thinking about careers right from the start of their formal education. Equal Choices, Equal Chances gives them a stronger starting-point for making career decisions later in life.

In 2011, EHRC research highlighted a range of barriers to equal work opportunities. The report makes a strong case for careers education and advice in overcoming these barriers.

It also shows that aspirations are formed at a relatively young age and that ‘gendered’ influences begin in primary school. Boys tend to be interested in sports careers; girls prefer hairdressing and nursing.

This suggests that careers education must start early.

Equal Choices, Equal Chances challenges the stereotypes of higher education and the world of work. In doing so, it lowers the barriers to young people’s aspirations.

The resource helps children to understand the links between education, qualifications and careers. It helps ensure that all pupils are given a fair chance to meet their full potential, no matter what their background.

Equal Choices, Equal Chances is designed for use with pupils in years five and six. It links to subjects across the curriculum, with activities for lessons and assemblies as well as ideas for visits and visitors.

The pack is developed by Kids Connections and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), with the help of careers experts, teachers and primary schools.

Julie Gibbings represented the Citizenship Foundation on the advisory group for Equal Choices, Equal Chances.

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