First impressions of India

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On the 16th of February, myself, Annie, Jemma, Cecilia and Jo met with Ms Nocivelli and Naomi from Giving Nation and said farewell to our families at Heathrow airport (yes, Annie and Jemma did cry).

Despite being wide awake at the beginning none of us were ready for the 10 hours flight, to pass the time we watched movies, spoke with each other etc. We arrived at Bangalore at  5:00am local time, at the airport we were greeted by Raleigh representatives, Shady and Manju, from there we drove for another 5 hours to Raleigh field base in our own minibus.

On the way there we drove past many interesting sites, half-built buildings, weddings, markets, cows roaming the streets and that’s only half of the things! We stopped off at cafe, where we had some lovely Indian chai (tea) and tried a traditional Indian breakfast, Masala Dosa (bread with potatoes with a spicy dip and yogurt dip).

Once we arrived at field base we were greeted by the Raleigh team with stunning traditional flower necklaces. From there we were shown to our room and had a refreshing bucket shower. We were all given an induction and information about health and hygiene by Dr. Tim, an A&E medic.

We had some relaxation time for a couple of hours, settling into our new surroundings for two days (this includes a few cows). In the evening we put our “longs” (longer clothes) on and had dinner on the roof, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. We’re all looking forward to a good nights sleep under our mosquito nets.


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12 thoughts on “First impressions of India

  1. Hi Annie!
    Hope you’re having a great time so far! I keep going upstairs expecting you to be playing that cup song in your room! Looks like its quite hot there from the picture!
    We all love and miss you lots!
    See you on Sunday!
    Love from Rosie and the family xxxx

    P.S: Mum says put on some suncream and Dad says take some good photos!!

  2. Hi girls. What a wonderful photo. It brought a tear to my eye. We are all so proud of you and hope you have a fantastic time. You are all very lucky and we were so excited to read your first blog Georgina. Love to you all and of course Ms Nocivelli. Love Frances (Mum)

  3. Hi girls. So proud of you all. Just checked out your plans for the next couple of days. Sounds so much fun. Thank you to all the adults who our looking after our girls.


  4. Hey Jo

    I am so happy you arrived safely and hope you take good photos can’t wait to hear about it! how is the food?? MISS YOU SOOO MUCH !!!!!!

    Love Mel and family

  5. Hi girls!! Hope you are all doing fine and coping with the heat!! We are all so proud of you all back here. Take care. We love you Annie loads of love beccy (mum) xxx

    • Hi mum
      Hope you are having a well mash up time there and your rucksack is as good as you thought it would be.
      Stay safe and much love
      Bertie, ilenya and Richard

      Ps. Thanks for the book

  6. Hi Girls
    2days have passed already !
    What a great experience this will be for all of you.
    Enjoy and take loads of pics and video clips.
    Jo, this is my first blog ever !! Hope it reaches you
    Lots of love , Mr Technology (dad)

  7. Hi Jem!
    Loved seeing your photo. Glad you got there ok and bet you are having a great time. Timmy and Jimmy say “hi”. Looking forward to hearing your next updates. Can’t wait to hear all about it in person next week. Lots of love from mum, dad and Georgia xxxxxx

  8. Hi girls, hope you are all having a good time. Look forward to seeing your coral sari Jem and also looking forward to your blog. I’m missing you already Jem but also looking forward to all your photos and news when you get home. Love you Jemma. xxxxxxxx
    Eileen (Jemma’s Nanna)

  9. Hey girls. I think you are visiting the local villages over the next couple of days. You really are so luky. Wish I was there to share this wonderful experience. Ps. Hope your room/space there is tidier than back home! Thinking of you all.


  10. Hi Gaby and Naomi and the other adults looking after our children. Thank you so much and hope you are all ok. Looking forward to the next instalment.


  11. Hi Georgie! Hope you are having a wicked time in India and enjoying your holiday. Am still dead jealous that I get to go to a war museum and you take a long trip in India. 🙁
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there and hope to see you soon.
    P.S. Don’t forget my souvenir…

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