Learning about sustainability and buying saris!

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So its day 3 of our India trip,and we have done so much today!! For some reason we woke up at 4:30 to the sound of screaming cats and couldn’t get back to sleep! We had an amazing breakfast, which consisted of loads of fresh fruit, orange juice, tea and toast with butter!

We then got our stuff packed for the day in Mysore, and got onto the minibus, making our way to the NIE (National Institute of Engineering) Crest project, which was a university specializing in sustainable development and technology. We learnt all about how we can find the most eco-friendly way to use daily products, e.g Georgina tried the bicycle that when you pedaled it sprayed water all over the plants which was pretty cool! It made us think about all the ways we could be more sustainable back home.

Sustainable water pump at NIE Crest


We then jumped back onto the minibus and went to a vegetarian restaurant  where we were served some North Indian Thali, which is a HUGE dish full of a variety of dips and food that we could dip our naan bread into. Everyone gave it a try! Then for desert we had a little bowl of ice cream and little bits of fruit at the bottom which topped the whole meal off.

Once we had finished we walked to the markets… what an experience that was! It was FULL of people trying to sell you all sorts of things, like fruits, bracelets and flowers. We literally had to fight our way through the crowds, it was an experience that I think no one would forget in a hurry. It all became a bit overwhelming so we left the market place and began to walk along the streets. There were people selling things on the street left, right and centre, but nowhere as busy as the markets.

We came across our first Sari shop. It was probably the smallest shop in the world piled high with all these beautifulyl coloured saris. The shop wasn’t big enough to fit us all in so we decided to take to the streets again. We found a bigger sari shop. It had even more saris than the one before! There were so many different colours to choose from, in the end we each chose a beautiful sari, Annie got a burgundy one, Jemma a coral coloured one (orange), Cecilia got a purple sari, and so did Georgina, and I got a blue one.

We took to the streets once again, walking past all the people selling a variety of amazing things and got back on to the mini bus to travel to the Palace. It was so big and beautiful, I don’t think I have ever seen such a thing! Sadly we weren’t allowed to take any photos inside the Palace, but I can tell you that it was something magical. Each pillar was skilfully painted with bright colours of gold, blue, green, yellow and red. A real royal palace!

After a trip to the big bazaar we got into the minibus for the last time for today and drove back to field base.  We had a bit of time to relax and then headed to a cultural talk delivered by Theja (Raleigh’s volunteer coordinator) who told us all about life in India.

Overall we have had a jam packed day, full of new experiences that we will never forget! We may not be able to post anything tomorrow, because we are going to a rural village and we doubt it will have connection!

We will post another blog as soon as we can!


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11 thoughts on “Learning about sustainability and buying saris!

  1. Hi Girls!
    Lovely to hear what you got up to today. Being woken up at 4.30am by fighting cats sounds like an average morning in Western Way. You certainly all sound like you had fun today and have had a jam-packed day – bet you all sleep well tonight.
    Looking forward to your next updates whenever you get the opportunity. Lots of love, Nikki, Martin and Georgia xxx

  2. Hi girls

    Sounds like you had a great day, it looks really hot , can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories about it !

    Love Mel Kay and Neon

  3. Thanks, girls, for keeping us updated about your adventures. I have to say that your blogs make us really envious that you are having such an amazing time in India discovering local life and culture while we are stuck here in cold London. Cc, your sister is bored senseless, constantly working out what time is it now in Mysore and wondering what are you up to. Hope you got through alright the market shopping, not your favorite exactly. Looking forward to reading your next blog. Lots of love from Kadi, Reza, Olivia and Roxy

  4. hi jo it’s katie looks like you are having a fantastic time, we are all very jealous of you! The weather looks very hot! Can’t wait to see you when you get back!

    Love katie x

  5. Hi girls – it is now Tuesday evening – you are probably asleep now – hope you are still enjoying the experience and not too tired!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember you will look back on this time for the rest of your lives.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it. You will soon be back in cold Barnet walking up the Meadway to school.
    Looking forward to your next blog.

    Love Frances/Mum
    Hi Georgina – hope you are enjoying yourselve and have all you need. Don’t forget the suncream!!!!!!!!!#

  6. Hi girls!!! Tuesday evening here. Hope you’re all doing fine. It looks like you are from the photos we’re getting. What an amazing experience! Take in every minute of it because before you know it you’ll be back here! Was the palace yesterday the place where there are all the monkeys? It looked really beautiful. Take care all of you. We are all incredibly proud of you all back here. Lots of love beccy (mum), mark, Martha, Rosie(from Spain) and Wilf xxxx
    P.S Annie you are totally amazing! We love you! Sun cream and hat!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Morning girls and ladies,it is so reassuring to read your blogs and share some of your experiences .Looking at your pictures ,gives us some in sight into your trip.As with proberbly the rest of the families , we are eagerly awaiting your next update.

    By now , you must have got pretty good at rolling up your sleeping bags ,
    Keeping you ruck sacks organised and being more self sufficient.

    Jo You are always in our thoughts and looking forward to hearing your stories of what you had seen. All the family send their best wishes including yiayias and papa. Lots of love the Mavromatis family

  8. It’s fantastic being able to keep up with what you are doing and seeing via your blog. It all sounds fascinating and I’m really looking forward to the next instalment. I hope you’re all looking after Ms Nocivelli!!
    I’m also looking forward to hearing what ideas you’ve got for sharing some of the things you will be learning when you get back to QEGS.
    I know that everyone at school is very proud of your achievement.

    Best wishes

    Kate Webster, Headteacher QEGS

  9. Hello ladies,

    Here we are at Giving Nation HQ, reading your blogs and getting very envious about all the fantastic sights your are seeing and experiences you are having.

    We hope that you are having the time of your lives out there in India and that you are learning loads as well. We look forward to reading your next blog and hearing about your adventures.

    Thank you for being such great GN ambassadors!

    Michelle and Rich
    (the ones who were left behind)

  10. It looks like you guys are having an awesome time. I miss you so much Jo, can’t wait till you get back!!
    p.s. dan&phil rule for life

  11. Hey Jo

    India looks incredible…I really want to go there now, hope you’ve had an amazing time. Been missing you loads and love your sari;)

    Clauds xxxxxx

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