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On Tuesday morning we set off for the rural village of Hosavidahundi arrving at 11 o’clock. We were greeted by the whole village and the team of Raleigh International Citizen Service (ICS) volunteers with garlands of flowers.

Currently, there are 583 people living in the village. The village has one main street with four other streets of houses. The primary industry in and around the village is cotton farming. For every 100kg of cotton, workers receive a gross income of 5000 rupees (£65). Workers in the field can expect to earn around 100 rupees a day (£1.20) for 7-8 hours work.

We began by helping the volunteers finishing a social map of the village. The map was a great way for the village, both literate and illiterate, to understand the resources in their village and it also meant the volunteers could see how well residents knew the village, the resources they had and the population. This was the first time the villagers got together to visualise Hosavidahundi.

We were invited into the home of Gita who cooked us a lovely lunch.

Then the 38 children in the school welcomed us with songs, dances and drama. It was very humbling to see that the children had put in so much work to welcome us. Some of the children sang songs in Kanada (the language of the region) and some sang songs in English. They danced and even wrote a short play for us! When they had finished, we used the remaining half and hour to teach them some English nursery rhymes. The school was very different to QE Girls!

The children finished school at 4 and, after hours of piggy back rides and running around, Cecilia started a holi, a traditional festival where people through powdered paint at each other.

After setting up our beds in the school hall, we took our saris down to some of the villagers houses who put them on for us and we walked down to the school grounds for some dancing and dinner.

Throughout the day, we learnt about Raleigh’s work in India and met their project partner MYKAPS. MYKAPS delivers grass roots community development work throughout South India.

Overall, we had the most amazing time and it was a truly unforgettable experience.

Speak soon, bye x

* ICS is a development programme that brings together young people aged 18-25 to fight poverty and make a difference where it is needed most. ICS is funded by the Department for International Development and currently works in 28 developing countries across the world. By 2015 it aims to recruit and train 7,000 UK young people and 7,000 young people from developing countries, who will go on to become active citizens who are passionate about and involved in community-based volunteering.  Raleigh ICS is currently delivered in India and Nicaragua and we’ll be starting in Tanzania this summer.  ICS is delivered by a consortium of respected development organisations, led by VSO, working with Restless Development, International Service, Raleigh International, Tearfund and Progression.



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13 thoughts on “Hosavidahundi

  1. We are only halfway through the trip, but a huge thanks goes to our charity partner Raleigh International for putting together an incredible experience for our competition winners.

    We can’t wait to hear more of the students’ stories and view their pictures and film footage when they get home.

    Our special thanks are also extended to Santander and the Office for Civil Society at the Cabinet Office for making the trip possible.

  2. Ladies and girls, you ll look stunning on your saris! What a great opportunity to come to a village and experience life in an Indian village.

    It seems that the villagers are very welcoming to you, especially inviting you into their homes and sharing a meal.The school children look delightful.

    I know you will bring back a lot from today

    Take care and look forward to hearing fom you soon

    Kay , Mel and Neon

  3. Hi Jemma,
    really enjoyed your blog. I’m missing you a lot but glad you all seem to be enjoying yourselves. Your sari is a lovely colour. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Mysore and seeing all your photos.
    Lots of love Jem
    Nanna xxxxxxxxxx

  4. hi everyone! wow, today sounds absolutely brilliant. the saris look great, although we couldnt really see yours, annie. i’ve shown all the blogs to grandma and grandad and they send all their love to you. The 5 mums are going out for an indian meal tomorrow night. We’ll have a glass of wine and toast the 5 of you!!! can’t wait to see you on sunday xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Jem
    Glad you all enjoyed yourselves today. You’re right in the thick of it now! Sounds like you have experienced memories that will stay withall of you for years to come. Enjoy the rest of your week and we’re sooo looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Lots of love from all of us xxxx

  6. Dear Jo I am following your daily blogs in India – sounds like you are all having an amazing and unforgettable time in India. Take care and see you when you get back love Auntie Dorien xx

  7. Hi Jemma

    Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures when you’re back!!

    Love Natalia xxx

  8. I very much enjoyed reading this latest blog. What a amazing adventure you are all on. It is a remarkable opportunity to learn so much.
    I wish I could have seen the powder paint throwing for myself it sounds great fun.
    I cannot wait to hear all the stories and experiences you have been enjoying.
    Have a great time.


  9. Wow! What an adventure. It really sounds like a trip of a lifetime. I can assure you, you are missing nothing back here. Cold today in England. Keep checking the weather looks like you have lovely sunshine for the rest of your trip. Only a few days left now. So proud of you all. Georgina I have checked and you are in the local paper tomorrow – Thursday. Nick says hi – he is at a party tonight. Love you loads. Mum/Frances.
    Hi to gabby. Hope you are coping and having fun.

  10. Hi girls,

    It’s great to see how much you’re learning and enjoying the trip. We’re really pleased the volunteers and communities have been so welcoming and done so much with you. You must be getting so much insight into what life in rural India is really like and the challenges some communities face. We’re all enjoying reading the blog here at Raleigh’s head office and wish you well for the second half of the trip.

    Looking forward to hearing more about all you’ve seen and done and keep up the great work with the blog.

    All the best from everyone in the team here at Raleigh Head Office.

  11. Hey girls!
    You are all on the front page of Barnet Times this week! Well done! Hope you are relaxing back at the field base now and enjoying your last couple of days in India. Can’t wait to see you at Heathrow on Sunday xxx

  12. Namaskara Jem!
    Good to see you’re all enjoying yourselves. £1 for 7 hours work shows how lucky we are.. I bet they don’t waste a thing and recycle everything, sure we could learn some lessons here! Looking forward to seeing you when you get home.

    Hogi Baruthene! Love Ian, Maggie & Jerome

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