Hosavidahundi (Continued)

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We stayed the night at the Hosavidahundi village in Karnataka. In the morning we met the ICS volunteers again and had some porridge with them. After that we walked up to the school playground and helped them with creating a “Venn Diagram” of the village.

The “Venn Diagram” empowers the community through giving them a better understanding of the resources in and around the village. The diagram also helped the villagers and volunteers form closer relationships as they will be staying there for 10 weeks building sanitation units and running health camps.

Through watching the volunteers work with the villagers we gained communication skills, helped give us a better understanding of community development, how important it is for communities to explore their challenges and how they will combat them.

In the afternoon, once we’d finished the “Venn diagram”, we had some refreshing watermelon and chai (tea) with the younger and older villagers and volunteers. After some relaxing, we split and joined with a couple of volunteers and went to the villager’s homes, helping the volunteers with surveys about health and sanitation. Then we had some lovely Indian food (a little too spicy for some!). Annie and I had our intricate henna done by a local girl whilst the rest had their beautiful designs done by another local woman. As we drove off we left the village behind and said goodbye to the volunteers and all the brilliant relationships we have made.

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7 thoughts on “Hosavidahundi (Continued)

  1. Hi Georgina, Nick here! hope you’re having a great time in India, the pictures look pretty rad. I’m looking forward to seeing you when you come back, have fun! xxx

  2. Hi there – wow those picture looks fab. Hope the henna stays on so we can see. We are all off for an Indian meal tonight in honour of you girls.
    Not long now unitl you are back. Make the most of it as you will soon be back in boring out Barnet. Missing you but so pleased that you won this amazing trip.


  3. Hi guys, thanks again for the pictures and blogs.It is lovely to see what you are up to.Learning about a different way of life is fascinating!Experiencing the challenges people in India face, with things that we take for granted!

    Here in the uk,the mums are meeting up tonight for an Indian.In case you have not heard, you are front page on the local paper.I went to the local sainsburys to pick up a few bits and I Thought I might as well pick up the times , just in case there was a small article about you guys.I nearly had a heart attack as I saw all you smiley faces beaming up at me, on the front page!Lovely!

    Anyway, make the most of your Time left,keep blogging and look forward to your next update.


  4. Hi Jem,
    pleased to see you like your porridge!! Hope you are enjoying yourself in India. Make the most of the nice warm weather as it’s freezing cold here. Look forward to seeing you when you get home.
    Nanna xxxxx

  5. Hey girls

    OMG YOU GUYS ARE ON THE BARNET TIMES FRONT PAGE !!!!!!! Miss you Jo and every one can’t wait to hear about it Jo my nouna sends her love and I love your hena girls NEWSPAPER! nice pic by the way !!!!

    Miss you Jo hope you read this got you some prezzies want you to be home have fun girls

    Love Mel xxxxxx

  6. Lovely photos girls. Glad you are all enjoying yourselves, and to reiterate what Frances said earlier thanks to Ms Nocivelli and all the other adults who have accompanied the girls on this fantastic trip.
    Jemma – Georgia has one thing to say to you……….

    Love from all of us in the Dias house xxxxx

  7. Hi Cc!The local paper just came through the letterbox with your photo on the front page. Expect crowds and paparazzi at Heathrow when you arrive, have you sunglasses handy! Keep up the good work and enjoy the last days. We all miss you here, only two days to go. Mumx

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