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Today we were let loose in the kitchen! Cecilia and Georgina made the porridge, it was really nice. We all added Nutella it was great.

After breakfast we set off for a local farm which was a 45 minute walk away, it was really hot! When we finally got there we were greeted by the owner’s assistants who took us around all the sustainable development technology, it was really interesting. The owner of the farm was one of the professors at the  NIE Crest university, where we went on Monday.  We all went to look around the farm and saw BIG tree houses, they were amazing.  We also saw rain water harvesting, bio gas, solar powered fencing and a mud house, it was great to see some of the technology we saw at NIE Crest in action. It was really helpful having Manju (one of our Raleigh leaders) there to translate for us. The language of this area is Kanada.

On the way back we stopped to get a coconut water drink, they were amazing and really refreshing. Also we stopped for vegetables and fruits for lunch. After a very long 45 minute walk we arrived back to field base and made lunch, tuna and sweetcorn pasta, it was so yummy.

After lunch we painted some educational boards to give to the school in Hosavidahundi! We painted 3 boards, one with pictures of how to wash your hands, one with some useful English phrases and one with the words to a song we taught them (A Sailor Went to Sea).

Next we packed to get ready to go to the Hotel tomorrow morning, it was really sad. I don’t want to leave field base. We then went to the logs (logistics) room and bought lots of Raleigh T-Shirts, some of money from this will help to fund future volunteers. We had another great day today!

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9 thoughts on “Sustainable technology in action

  1. Hi Georgina,
    It looks like you are having an interesting and hot time, it is freezing here ! Have eaten had Bhel Puri yet? my favourite.
    Take lots of photos and I look forward to seeing them on your return.

  2. Sounds like another fun day. Hope you are all eating ok. How was the porridge Georgina – was it like Dad’s.
    There is a lovely picture of you all on the front of the Barnet Times which came out today. I have loads of copies so don’t worry. Freezing here again today. I know it is hot there but you will certainly notice the difference when you get home. Love to you all.


  3. Talking of hats. Georgina I haven’t seen any photo of you wearing your hat. Don’t forget take loads of photos. You can never have too many. You may not visit India again for many years. X

  4. Well Guys, your on you last leg of your big adventure!Train journeys,Shopping ,maybe A Bollywood film, wow another jam packed day.However, I bet you are all looking forward to the hotel, with a bed and a mattress!

    Jo, can ‘ t wait to see you on Sunday,enjoy what is left of your trip, savour every moment!

    Take care love kisses and hugs mumxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Less than 48 hours before you are back in freezing, cloudy UK. Can’t wait to see you but enjoy your last day in India.
    Lots of love xxxxxxx

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