Connecting Caring and Citizenship: our view

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) recently persuaded a small group of parliamentarians to review why young people appear to be increasingly reticent to give to charities. We know a lot about this, so we told them our thoughts.

The case is complex but their main aim was of course to get more happening in support of the voluntary sector.

We operate the largest programmes (possibly in the world as far as we can see!) that expressly connect this aspiration to values and action based education.

Personally it drives me nuts that we don’t get more recognition for this. And equally nuts that the government – who have almost single-handedly funded us – similarly don’t make much noise about it. We are world-leaders in citizenship education and civil education and we should be prouder of it!

So anyway – whilst laid up with a bad back I decided to try and distil what I could into our submission for this inquiry – which if nothing else tries to explain to the powers-that-be what citizenship has got to do with inducting people into civil society.

I hope you can find and use it for your own purposes – it will then have been worth its weight in Nurofen…

Here you go:

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