Cameron’s chop to youth benefits is a democratic threat

It’s OK to disenfranchise the under 25s, yes?

Now, listen up.

Democracy is about everybody mattering equally in the rule of the land. Including the way we manage our wealth and welfare.

That means the people between 18 and 25, the age range least likely to vote, have an equal say.

These are the people who are now hearing that benefit entitlements are likely to be taken away from them, the least likely to vote.

Democracy is for the frail elderly who have played their part in building the country, the managerial workers who are earning buckets, the unskilled on a minimum wage, and the yet-to-make-a-bean youngsters who need to believe it’s on their side if they are to contribute to it. Each one matters the same.

The 18 – 25s need help to believe it’s worth joining in a fair democratic country where their vote will make the slightest difference to their life choices and life chances.

We’ve now created a society so in thrall to material success that it feels fair to many that if you’ve made it you deserve more power, more say.

That is not democracy.

In a democracy, citizens are gifted their equality by virtue of birth, not by merit of success.

We are running out of ways to convince the under 25s that there’s a shred of truth in this.

No wonder the ruling party can take the risk of putting their nose out of joint. They are becoming the unseen, disposable minority.

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2 thoughts on “Cameron’s chop to youth benefits is a democratic threat

  1. I thought you were unable to criticise government policy!? Thanks for clarifying that you do indeed support the “higher intention of UK government to rid the UK of illegal migrants” (your words).

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