Why give up your time to go back into the classroom?

When you look back on your school days do you remember employee volunteers coming into your classroom? Chances are you don’t; if you do, you might remember these incidents fondly but feel they were a bit short-lived and left you feeling unfulfilled.

Year on year, the students that we work with tell us that having access to non-teaching professionals such as lawyers, financial consultants, and marketers gives them a great insight into potential careers, raises their aspirations and teaches them valuable transferrable skills – not to mention builds their confidence.

Unlike the employee volunteering visits I remember from my youth, the Citizenship Foundation’s programmes have moved employee volunteering away from simply transplanting an employee like a fish out of water to the front of the class to lecture about their career, and towards interactively working with young people in small groups.

In these sessions, students have a voice and the chance to relate the volunteers’ specialist topics to things that matter to them, or to see how things like the law and the economy impact on their lives. Sessions are led by practicing lawyers with quality assured interactive resources created by our educational experts.

Our staff (many of whom have a background in teaching or youth work) provide full training. Employee volunteers feel confident and equipped to go into the classroom: a place they might not have ventured into for several years at least. The volunteers are of course still fully supported by a class teacher who welcomes them, keeps an eye on student behaviour and wraps up the session.

If the idea of helping to develop students’ skills, close the gap in access to your profession and boost students’ confidence isn’t enough to inspire you to go into the classroom, perhaps the enthusiasm of our existing volunteers who state that taking part has boosted their own skills, as well as their commitment to and pride in their employer, will.

In addition, working on these programmes has also proven a great way to enhance relationships between organisations and their clients – when they invite partners to take part with them. This can lead to more networking opportunities and ultimately the generation of further business for your organisation.

This sort of charity work is also proven to impact positively on an organisation’s relationship and reputation in its local community.

So, if you’ve been thinking of (or I’ve just inspired you to think about!) volunteering in the classroom and utilizing your specialist skill set and knowledge, get in touch with us. We can help you find opportunities suitable for you and your organisation.

Employee volunteering programmes from the Citizenship Foundation:

Lawyers in Schools
Now in its 15th year this employee volunteering programme places legal professionals in the classroom to facilitate learning about the law and develop young people’s legal capability.

Boom, Bust and Crunch
Currently in its pilot year this programme has been created with FTI Consulting to take financial experts into the classroom to facilitate students’ understanding of the financial crisis and its impacts.

Make it our Neighbourhood
Created in partnership with The Glass-House Community Led Design, Make it our Neighbourhood helps volunteers from construction and property to engage local students with regeneration projects currently happening in their area such as the one in Elephant and Castle where the project was piloted this year.

We place judges in the classroom to deliver interactive sessions on aspects of civil law.

Cool Communicators
We place volunteers from all different backgrounds in the classroom to facilitate workshops which develop students’ communication skills focusing on body language and presentation skills.

To find out more about any of these programmes or working with us to develop an employee volunteering programme for your organisation – get in touch. Just as you would hire a wedding planner to take the hassle out of your big day, we help take the hassle out of establishing and running an employee volunteering programme by using our specialist skill set and knowledge.

Views expressed on this blog are not necessarily those of the Citizenship Foundation.

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