Young Citizen’s Passport: nearly twenty years of demystifying the law, in one photo

The Young Citizen’s Passport has been making the law understandable and relevant since the mid 1990s. Recently, and rarely, I found copies of most editions in the same place at the same time. So, I took the opportunity to snap them.

Most of the editions of the Young Citizen's Passport (so far)

Most of the editions of the Young Citizen's Passport (so far)

The image shows editions of our Young Citizen’s Passport (YCP) in the order they were published. I think it includes every England and Wales iteration from the very first through to the current 16th edition.

You can also see (click the image to enlarge it):

  • two Russian editions (second and third from the left
  • an audio version (seventh from the left), which was accompanied by a large Braille book
  • a Human Rights Act edition (tenth from the left)
  • a European supplement (ninth from the right)
  • a Northern Ireland edition (second from the right)
  • a Scotland edition (farthest right).

Additionally, I see one of the many spin-offs has crept into the photo, fifth from the left: Passport 50Plus (as the title suggests, not aimed at the ‘young’ market!).

Amendment (20 February)
Oh no! The very first YCP is not in the photograph after all. It was definitely in the room when I took the shot; it’s always been hard to find, and seemingly it eludes even the camera. Its cover is similar to the one farthest left, but without the images of people.

Young Citizen’s Passport: just one of our proud contributions to public legal education.

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