Tips for social action projects, part 2: awareness campaigns

In the second part of this series, our Giving Nation team shares tips for running school-based awareness campaigns.

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Awareness campaigns are all about attracting attention and spreading the word about your issue in a creative way. The more knowledgeable and passionate you are on your issue, the greater your ability to influence others.

Connect with your cause

There are two key ingredients to creating a successful campaign. One is having good knowledge about the issue; the second is being passionate about it. If you don’t care enough yourself, no-one else will!

Research networks

Is there anyone else campaigning for the same thing as you? Contact other organisations to see if you can partner with them or just get some pointers. Reach out to the communities you belong to: family, friends, schools, clubs, churches – and that’s just for starters…

Be creative

Challenge yourselves to come up with a really unique way of gaining attention for your cause. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to capture people’s attention and gain their support.

Struggling for inspiration? Check out our ideas generator!

Make your messaging clear and memorable

Describe what you want to change and why in 1 sentence. What’s the issue? Why is it happening? Who are you supporting? What can you do? How can your audience help? People are more likely to support your campaign if it’s easy to understand.

Offer a clear call to action

This might be to sign a petition, lobby an MP or join an online community. What you want to achieve should be obvious to your audience. The more powerful your call to action, the greater the impact.

Engage the political players

Attract even more attention by getting the top dogs on board. Community leaders, politicians, even celebrities, can help get your issue in front of powerful decision-makers, while also generating publicity.

Use a range of tactics

You could recruit allies, make posters, hold debates, write articles, pull stunts, make a website, start a petition, make a film… the possibilities are numerous.

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