Workplace skills: how we can help your teaching, in one lovely picture

As citizenship education comprises many elements, it can be hard to explain how our various programmes support them.

Education - our contribution

Education - our contribution (click to enlarge). Image:

Aspects of citizenship education can be found right across the school curriculum; they also pop up in measurements of a school’s ethos, such as SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural). Pinning them down, then, can be tricky.

At the Citizenship Foundation, we run a number of programmes to help schools deliver high-quality citizenship education. But how, exactly, do they add value to a student’s education?

Well, thanks to Alex Hughes and the good folk at Drawnalism, we can now show you how our work fits with yours – through the power of cartoon.

So, feast your eyes on the picture above! You’ll see we help develop all sorts of skills, including ‘workplace’ skills around communication and teamwork, which employers are crying out for today.

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