‘We are at War’ – Paris, Beirut, Syria and the UN

The Citizenship Foundation offers sincerest condolences to those affected by the atrocities of these last few days. The loss of life seems senseless and futile and the spread of terror tactics are increasingly disturbing and threatening.

To hear the President of France declare that ‘We are at war’ is a reminder that a UN intervention, albeit consensual among member states, is a consolidated use of force in the name of politics and peace that has had horrific repercussions. This needs explaining to our young people, enabling them to grasp the value of negotiated global alliances and the implication of being a member of nation that is a global military power.

We hope that schools, parents and others will use this chance to communicate how the ongoing struggle against tactics of terror will only be won through a mixture of understanding and resolve that upholds democratic values without seeking to dominate or use terror or prejudice in response.

We are all too aware that none of this is easy – and that education will always be a key intervention in creating peace between people: a power for good.

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