Referendum blues? Spark refreshing debate in school in these final days of the campaign

The EU referendum debate is at fever pitch. Campaigners are trying to persuade us one way or the other, appealing to our sensitivities around controversial issues such as immigration, economics and sovereignty.

It’s hard to know the best decision, especially as both sides often use the same evidence and statistics in making their cases.

Although they can’t vote, young people will be as acutely aware of the referendum arguments as anyone and are, no doubt, discussing it in school and at home.

So, we teamed up with two experts to help you help your students navigate the issues around the EU referendum and contribute to an informed debate in the final run-up to the big day.

Stephanie Flanders and Nick Robinson review the issues

And if that’s not enough, we nobbled Nick Robinson, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and Stephanie Flanders, top economics commentator, to review the issues for us in front of a camera.

What does the teachers’ pack cover?

The teachers’ pack gives a bit of background, sets out some of the arguments, provides a classroom activity and suggests ways of making the most out of classroom debates.

The arguments in the pack are divided into five topics:

  • UK government and political system
    • British democracy
    • Sovereignty
    • Criminal justice
    • Stability of the UK
  • European Union
    • Reform
    • Alternatives
    • Stability of the EU
  • Policy
    • Immigration
    • Security
    • International reputation
  • Economy and finance
    • Trade
    • Employment
    • International reputation
    • Costs of EU membership
  • History
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