Tom Franklin takes up new role

With many years working in the charity and political sectors, Tom joined as the new Chief Executive of the Citizenship Foundation in September 2016, as we take on new challenges in engaging people in civic life.

Tom’s career began in politics – his first job after university was working for a political party, and he then went on to work for the late Rt Hon Robin Cook MP. In his 20s and 30s, he was a councillor in a London borough, including stints as Cabinet Member for Housing and Council Leader.

Although still with an active interest in politics, his working life has moved to the third sector. He has held a number of Chief Executive posts, most recently at Think Global, a charity which promotes understanding of global issues like poverty and climate change, so that people are equipped to take action for a more just and sustainable world, and that works particularly with teachers and schools.

Prior to that, he was Chief Executive of the Ramblers, Britain’s walking charity, where he promoted the importance of walking for both mental and physical well-being; and of Living Streets, the charity which promotes the use of public space for people on foot, and which runs the highly successful Walk to School Campaign.

Tom has recently finished a five-year period as a trustee of the Canal & River Trust, where he was a founding trustee during when it took over the running of much of the inland waterways of England and Wales from the nationalised British Waterways, in one of the largest transfer of operations from the state to the third sector. He continues to be Chair of the Trust’s External Reference Group, which is advising on the Trust’s work to measure its impact.

Previously, Tom was a member of the Independent Panel set up by the Government to advise on the future of England’s forestry; and was an Expert Advisor to the Government’s Beacon Council Programme.

Tom says, “Throughout my working life, I’ve always been convinced that our communities can only thrive if people have the tools to engage in civic activities. Every one of us has rights as citizens – but also responsibilities. It is great to be part of the Citizenship Foundation, which helps people understand how politics, the law, and our economy works, and then inspires them with social action programmes.”

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