A Better Brexit – What Do Under-30s want from a Brexit Deal?

Brexit is likely to have a bigger impact on us all than any other policy issue in our lifetimes.  But this impact is not going to be evenly shared.  If you’re middle aged like me, the effect will likely be far more muted than if you’re 16, or 20, or 25 years old.

If you’re young, Brexit will shape the opportunities you will have as you establish yourself in the world.  But are the priorities of young people being taken account of as Britain gears up for the negotiations ahead?

Undivided is a brilliant campaign led by and for young people – to campaign for the best possible deal for young people.  Using a specially-created digital platform, the campaign wants to crowdsource the demands of at least one million under-30s from across the UK about Brexit.  The top ten demands will form a Youth Manifesto and will be shared with the UK’s negotiators.

We’re supporting Undivided by producing a special Facilitator’s Pack, with tasks to get young people thinking about the issues around Brexit and deciding their priorities.  It can be used in schools but also outside – in youth groups, for example.  So if you work with young people, get downloading and using this pack now.  There’s no bigger issue around – it’s time young people’s views on this issue were heeded.

Tom Franklin, CEO

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